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11 sectors rise in the Egyptian Stock Exchange in Thursday’s session, headed by “packaging”

  The performance of the indicators of the Egyptian Stock Exchange sectors varied, during the trading session on Thursday, the end of the week’s sessions, as 11 sectors rose, led by paper and packaging materials by 4.79%, followed by the food, beverage and tobacco sector by 3.13%, followed by the contracting and engineering  construction sector … Read more

Gold prices and currencies in Saudi Arabia today, Wednesday, and the euro is 4.54 Saudi riyals

  The rates of Arab and foreign currencies in Saudi Arabia recorded today, Wednesday 10-2-2021, a variation against the Saudi riyal, to settle 1 US dollar at 3.75 Saudi riyals and 1 Saudi riyal 0.27 US dollars, while the price of the euro varied, to record 1 euro about 4.54 Saudi riyals against its price … Read more

The Federation of Industries will host the head of industrial control next Sunday to discuss challenges

  The Federation of Industries will host, Major General Abdul Raouf Al Ahmady, the new head of industrial control, in the presence of heads of different chambers, businessmen and factory owners, next Sunday to discuss the challenges facing the industrial sector. Earlier, the Industrial Control Authority said that, within the framework of a series of … Read more

How do we keep the car tire as long as possible? What are the most appropriate types to buy?

Many of us always strive to maintain their car and also extend the life of the tire for a longer period, especially tires that have a limited life span, but there are some practices that can extend the life of tires, which we will learn about through the most important questions and their answers in … Read more